Monday, September 22, 2008

How Sad

Okay so I have been getting enough grief now that I haven't updated in a while. I'm finally here to do so and it's been so long that I forgot everything, username, password, which e-mail address I used. Because if you are anything like me you use a fake e-mail address for stuff like this and buying online, and a real one for your friends. If you have the fake one and not the real one you're really not a friend. Just kidding I was trying to be funny is it too late at night to be funny, that sounded rude. LOL.

So our new stuff. Tylea turned two August 17. I can't believe I have a toddler. I am so sad. I want to hold a baby in my arms again so bad I am willing to put up with crazy meds, and the chance of having a C-Section again. So scared about that. I want VBAC so bad. I don't even mind the thought of being sick for 9-months with a busy toddler. I know I'll be thinking what was I thinking, but it is that overwhelming crazy maternal thing I guess. So back to Tylea. She is so amazingly smart. I am astounded at the growth and intelligence she has. I feel bad that I am not always the best mom as most of us do, and then I have little moments where I realize I say "let's pray" and she folds her arms because she already knows what to do. Then I fell great. We had a fun B-day party for her. She is totally into the Barnyard movie, so we did a Barnyard Bash. Hay stacks, swimming, burger, hotdogs, chips, cake-I made a cow cake, I cursed it while making it but when I got lots of compliments I thought now that wasn't so bad I'd do it again, kinda like pregnancy. :) We also had a piƱata and ice cream cake. Whoohoo. Tylea got a table and tea set for her birthday she absolutely loved it, can you tell? The picture says it all. :)

In July we went to visit Tony's family in Minnesota. We spent every day on the lake, boating and thuroughly enjoyed ourselves, we didn't want to come back home to reality, and usually by four days I'm ready to come home. There's no place like home, 'click' 'click'. Tylea really enjoyed riding the tube behind the boat. We video taped her and Tony out for one last time. I knew they were out for a while but I didn't know it was for an hour. Wow. She had so much fun there. More memories to come I'm sure. Has anyone noticed that they are giving their kids a lot better up bringing then they had? Or is it just me. We are so blessed. Every day I thank Heavenly Father for what we have for fear tomorrow we won't have it.
So more random stuff. I was called to be Beehive Adviser and I absolutely love it. In fact I keep getting me and the girls in trouble for talking, so disrespectful I know and I really don't mean to be, but I love the girls so much I can't help it. We have so much fun, or at least that's my take on it. So another big change, I'm still not over, they took my most favorite person Cicily away from me and now she won't return my e-mails. Just kidding. I'm all about drama. But we miss them terribly. The cutest thing happened on Sunday, Tylea grabbed Julia Lyman's hand after sacrament and said come on. I was trying to get her all excited about going to nursery, I told her Julia's going to go play toys too. So that's when she grabbed her by the hand, and I mean grabbed because I think she was sqeezing more than Julia was holding back, and they walked like best friends all the way to Nursery class together. I wish I had a camera at church. I was so proud of her for being out there and friendly instead of toddlery and mean. I'm not gonna lie sometimes they are mean. But it was so cute. Okay now I'm out of things to say. Until next time hopefully not five months from now. :) Love, Tracea


Meredith said...

Love the cow cake. Made one for Lindsay's second - "You Moo Who...Lindsay's Two!" Tylea is stinkin' cute! And I forget passwords and that kind of stuff all the time. No worries. You just need to do THIS one more often so you don't forget, or better yet, have your browser remember you! :) I totally enjoy Sunday Schoolin' with you guys!

JULI said...

So glad to see the update. I understand, "Life happens". Sometimes we should just go with our maternal instincts and have another. :) I know I did and love it! Lots of adjusting, but well worth all the hassle. Miss you all!

Cicily said...

I'm so glad you finally posted and update. Now I know what's been going on. I can't believe we weren't invited to the birthday party, rude :)

Lesley Wright said...

I love the pictures of Tylea she is so cute.

Ashlin and Mike said...

Yay an update! I'm so glad to see pictures of your little cutie! Send me your address and I'll add you to my blog!